1. managed to finish one print for Sakuracon 2014…orz

  2. Bloop am still alive…

    Also follow me on my facebook art page~

  3. New hat Gets!

  4. Woohoo got the artbook bravely default for a good price, thanks employee discount! >:3

  5. Been trying to make one random armored character a day…here are some of them that i scanned from my sketchbook today. Hopefully i’ll have time to polish out these characters…


  6. Random characters with armor akihiko yoshida style~

  7. Ahahahaha my attempt at making matcha moose cake! Turned out better than i thought xD

  8. Bbq kalbi and caliroll for dinner! Merry Christmas!

  9. Oh boy..first pokemon…now this, not gonna get anything done..

  10. I encountered one if these in my dream..good thing it didnt chase after me…